am telefonieren


Free space is fertile soil for growth.

You will be astonished how fast one gets used to be provided with good service. Our highly-qualified reception team offers you plenty of free space to evolve with your business activities, and supports you with organizational and office work, optionally. Interested in renting on a flexible or permanent basis? All your choice! There are plenty of options, for instance:

>> Telephone Service

You will have your own telephone number to be available to your clients and customers. If you are not in-house, engaged in a phone call or with visitors, or simply need to clear your mind, our team accepts calls on your behalf and attends your customers as individually required.
Besides, we work with the most advanced communication technology:

  • the latest Euro-ISDN- extension system
  • primary multiplexer ensuring a permanent free line
  • several fix enquiry units – full-time employees exclusively / no call centres
  • professional telephone software – your caller will be delighted to hear a familiar voice instead of unknown voices every time they call. We guarantee a personal and fully flexible service with a high degree of recognition.

>> Secretarial Service

Our fully equipped and competent secretary team takes over all kind of office work ranging from typing and organizing travels, from translation service to on-topic project assistance.

>> Post Service

Fast delivery of your daily mail by our service team who stamp incoming letters and transfer them to your letter box without delay, or deal with them according to your individual wishes, and, of course, with the utmost discretion. Upon request, we inform you via telephone about incoming letters, thus making sure you do not miss any important information even in your absence. With your permission and upon request, we accept registered mails and parcels as well as delivery of national or international documents and parcels. Your outgoing letters can be enveloped and franked.